Stretch Mark Laser Removal

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At Celibre, we offer stretch mark removal with several different lasers depending on the type of marks (colored or textured) and the type of skin (light, medium or dark). Because we treat two types of stretch marks and because there are six skin types, there is a lot of variability from one treatment plan to the next. We also use up to four different lasers to treat stretch marks, depending again on the color and texture of the stretch mark.

For textured stretch marks, our laser treatment works by stimulating new collagen growth at a molecular level. Using laser energy, we create a thermal injury below the surface of the skin at the point of the damaged tissue. By creating this thermal injury, the skin is prodded into developing new collagen, which then decreases the visibility of textured stretch marks.

For colored stretch marks, there are two different lasers used to revise the color of the stretch marks and the laser used depends on whether the patient is light skinned and has pink or reddish marks or is dark skinned and has brown marks. In either case, the colored stretch marks are caused as the body brings melanin (pigment) and additional blood flow to the area as part of the normal healing process after a stretch mark forms. For reddish stretch marks, our pulsed dye laser closes the microfine blood vessels near the surface of the skin that cause the redness. For brown stretch marks, our q-switched laser breaks up the pigment formed when the stretch marks occurred in a way that is similar to the way we remove age spots and tattoos.

Depending on the laser used, a prickly hot or tingling sensation may be felt during the treatments of laser stretch mark removal. Treatments normally last between fifteen minutes and one hour, but this depends on the amount of area treated. Celibre laser treatments are administered by our courteous and professional medical staff in one our clean, comfortable, and conveniently located Los Angeles and Orange County offices. Call now and join thousands of Los Angeles and Orange County patients that have found a laser stretch mark removal treatment that works.


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