Stretch Mark Removal

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Our Los Angeles and Orange County patients tell us time and again just how much their stretch marks bother them, so we understand how frustrating they can be. Stretch mark removal is one of the most challenging treatments we perform because of all the different types we see and the variability that exists in their response to treatment.

Celibre’s Laser Stretch Mark Removal Program

Because there are several different types of stretch marks - colored, textured and white - and because we treat all skin types, it is impossible to determine which lasers we would use or what type of results might be expected without evaluating you during the free consultation. If your stretch marks prevent you from wearing an outfit you othwerwise might, call Celibre to schedule a free laser stretch mark removal consultation.

At Celibre, all of our stretch mark removal treatments involve the use of lasers. While we shy away from any creams or topical solutions, laser stretch mark removal are one of the newest methods for decreasing the color and texture of stretch marks. Unlike traditional treatments like gels and creams, we use laser technology to create a thermal injury to the skin, which stimulates new collagen to decrease the visible texture of stretch marks. We also use two different lasers to get rid of the color associated with red or brown stretch marks. Currently, we do not treat flat white stretch marks because we have found that repigmenting this type of stretch mark involves too much variability in the results of the treatment.


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When you come to Celibre Medical for your free stretch mark removal consultation, you will meet with one of our courteous and professional medical staff. We will patiently answer all of your questions about laser stretch mark removal and provide you with a realistic assessment of our ability to treat you and the potential results. So, instead of hiding your stretch marks, come to Celibre and let us help. Contact us now or come to our conveniently located Los Angeles or Orange County, CA clinics.