Spider Vein Laser Removal

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Do you find yourself choosing different clothes or wearing cover up to hide your spider veins? Have you stopped going to the beach, wearing a favorite skirt or hoping that no one notices the small veins on your nose or cheeks? If so, we understand your situation because we've treated thousands of patients just like you.

Spider veins are small veins at or near the surface of the skin. They are typically less than 1 mm in diameter and can be blueish or red. They typically appear on the legs or face but can be present on other areas of the body as well. They are differentiated from varicose veins because they are not raised or bumpy and they do not impede circulation because they are superficial in nature.

Laser spider vein treatment is very different from the older, more traditional injection treatment - sclerotherapy. With lasers, we do not need to pierce the skin to close off these small spider veins. Rather we are able to close these small veins using heat energy from the lasers. Lasers achieve the same goal of collapsing the spider vein using a different method than injections. Both methods can be effective for treating small veins and our patients choose us because we have the option of using either treatment method

Instead of covering spider veins with long pants or makeup, come to Celibre and discover the benefits of laser spider vein removal. Our professional and courteous medical staff will take the time to answer all your questions. Our best patients are informed patients, so come to your free consultation prepared with lots of questions! Contact us to schedule a free laser spider vein treatment consultation.


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