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What are Keloid, Surgical & Pigmented Scars?

Keloid Scars: Keloid scars are bumpy colored scars formed by dense fibrous tissue. They typically result from the healing of a skin injury and are more prevalent in Asians, Hispanics, African Americans and those with darker skin types.

Keloid scars are a unique type of scar in that they usually extend beyond the boundaries of the original trauma. Keloid scars can continue to grow over time, whereas surgical and other types of scars typically do not get any bigger or worse with time. Keloid scars have a high incidence of recurrence if they are surgically removed.

Surgical Scars: Surgical scars are raised scars that appear after a surgery or other deep cut in the skin. Surgical scars typically remain within the boundaries of the original incision and may also shrink and lose pigment over time. Surgery scars are similar to pigmented scars in that some form of skin trauma caused the skin to bring color to the area during the healing process.

Pigmented Scars: Pigmented scars generally appear at the surface of the skin at the site of an injury and can fade over time as the area heals. Bringing pigment to the area of the skin that has been traumatized is a normal part of the inflammatory response and this response is typically more pronounced in darker skin types.

Causes of Keloid, Surgical and Pigmented Scars

Keloids and surgical scars are caused by the excess production of collagen bundles at the site of an injury or trauma. These collagen bundles typically occur in areas of the skin that do not heal well. Pigmented scars are caused by excess melanin (the body's natural coloring) which is brought to the injured area as part of the natural healing process. Excess pigment develops as part of the natural inflammatory response that occurs after an injury to the skin.



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