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The facial redness associated with Rosacea occurs in response to such triggers as alcohol, sun exposure, caffeine, heavy exercise and tobacco products, and is fairly straightforward to treat with lasers. The facial redness can appear as a transient "flare-up" or a more prolonged redness. In either case, our lasers work by mitigating the flare-ups and more permanent redness by closing the small blood vessels that create the redness. The energry from the pulsed dye laser used to treat Rosacea is absorbed by the small blood vessels, causing them to constrict or close altogether. Once closed, the redness subsides.

Celibre licensed medical professionals will treat your Rosacea with state-of-the-art FDA-approved pulsed dye lasers. Our pulsed dye lasers target the hemoglobin (blood) in the veins or capillaries associated with Rosacea, preserving the surrounding tissue while closing these small superficial blood vessels.

During Rosacea laser treatment, you may feel a hot, snapping sensation as the laser fires. For some patients with more severe and resistant cases of Rosacea, "bruising" treatments may be required and these can involve some downtime. Rosacea laser treatments normally last between fifteen minutes and one hour.

Laser Rosacea treatments are administered by experienced, professional and courteous medical professionals in our clean, private and comfortable Los Angeles, CA and Orange County offices. Call now to schedule your free consultation.


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