Sculptra Cosmetic Facial

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Sculptra is unique in the world of injection fillers. The reason is that it works by helping the body create it’s own new collagen. For this reason, it’s not just a dermal filler, but rather it acts like a foundation upon which the body can build it’s own new tissue. This is very different than fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane and Radiesse. With these other fillers, you may get some collagen stimulation indirectly, but the primary method of action is that the product injected provides volume underneath lines and folds.

Sculptra, which has been used for facial treatments since 1999, is injected deeper than any other derma filler. It is injected in the deep dermis and in some cases right on top of the bony structure of the face. The tiny suture like material that makes up Sculptra is mixed with saline solution. As the saline dissolves in the days after the injection, the suture material (ploy-L-Lactic) forms a mesh-like layer at the base of the dermis. As the body responds to the injection, it fills the voids around the product with new collagen and elastin. This is why Sculptra is one of the longest lasting injection products with results up to 2 years.

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