Poikiloderma Treatment

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Poikiloderma is a fairly stubborn condition. Because it can be caused by years of perisistent sun damage, it takes more than a couple laser treatments to successfully treat it.

We use two types of lasers to treat Poikiloderma - pulsed dye and q-switched lasers. Q-switched lasers are designed to eliminate pigment such as freckles, sun spots, tattoos, birthmarks and other dark coloration in the skin. Using this laser allows us to remove the pigmented sun damage associated with Poikiloderma.

The pulsed dye laser is used in the treatment of Poikiloderma because it is attracted to the hemoglobin in blood. The vascularity or redness associated with Poikiloderma is actually many very tiny blood vessels that reside very near the surface of the skin. The pulsed dye laser is used to heat and close these microscopic blood vessels so that the skin does not apeear reddish after the treatments.

The two types of lasers used in the poikiloderma treatment do feel a bit different, but in both cases, you may feel heat, snapping and pricking sensations during treatment. The treatments normally last between fifteen minutes and one hour. There is no down time for the procedure, but there can be bruising caused by the pulse dye laser and the pigment associated with the q-switched laser treatments may darken before it rises to the surface and flakes off.

Poikiloderma Before and After Pictures

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