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In Southern California, with an average of 300 sunny days a year, it’s difficult to avoid the damaging effects of sun exposure. Poikiloderma (mottled pigment of the neck and chest) can be an unsightly result of too much sun exposure, but at Celibre we have a laser solution for the condition.

Poikiloderma Treatment Program

Poikiloderma is a very unique condition because it is usually a combination of pigmented and vascular sun damage. For this reason, it is required that we use more than one kind of laser to treat it.

We use pulsed dye and q-switched laser technology to safely and effectively treat Poikiloderma. Because the condition involves both pigment and vascularity rom sun damage, we see best results when we use pulsed dye lasers for the vascularity and q-switched lasers for the pigmented areas.

At Celibre, we focus a lot of energy on helping our patients become informed about their condition. That's why we provide as much information as possible on our website and Blog. We also offer a free consultation so that one of our knowledgeable and professional medical staff can sit down to review any additional questions you may have about Poikiloderma and to formulate a treatment program based on the severity of your condition. Contact us is you'd like to schedule your free consultation in one of our conveniently located Los Angeles or Orange County offices.


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