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Juvederm injections cost varies widely depending on the amount of product, the number of areas treated and the experience of the injector.

The basic measure of the price of Juvederm is the cost for a .8 cc syringe. In the Los Angeles area, the price of the .8 cc syringe of Juvederm ranges between $400 and $700 with the average usually $450 to $550.

In addition to the cost of a Juvederm syringe, you may want to consider the following when choosing a Juvederm injector:

• The experience, training and skill of the injector. We use multiple injection techniques on all areas of the face and not all injectors have the same training, skill or experience to perform these same techniques.

• Where is your injector buying the Juvederm? Overseas Juvederm can be fraudulent, contaminated or both. The product is cheaper, but no one knows for sure where it’s coming from or what it is.

Remember that the price of Juvederm is an important factor, but so are your results. Choose your Juvederm injector wisely.


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