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Laser hair removal is your answer to permanently get rid of unwanted hair. Most of us have hair growing in places that we wish it wouldn't appear. For some, it's just a nuisance, but for others, having too much hair in the wrong places can affect self esteem or social behavior. In either case, we understand how negatively this can affect your situation.

Laser Hair Removal at our Los Angeles and Orange County Clinics

Using only FDA-approved lasers, we can remove unwanted hair in all skin types. We have over 20 lasers, which we are able to choose the one that best fits your skin and hair type, resulting in faster, more effective and more economical process in permanently removing unwanted hair. With over 30 years experience and 75,000 treatments performed in the past five years alone, Celibre leads the industry in laser hair removal in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

Laser hair removal targets the melanin (pigment) concentrated at the base of the hair follicle. The small blood vessel that feeds the hair follicle is damaged when the pigment at the base of the hair follicle is heated up by the laser. Because the small blood vessel is damaged, blood does not flow to the hair, causing it to stop growing.

If you're sick of shaving, waxing, using electrolysis methods, or other ineffective and inconvenient hair removal techniques, come to Celibre to learn more about permanent hair removal. Our professional and courteous medical staff are available to answer all of your questions. Call now or visit our clinic in Los Angeles or Orange County for a free consultation on how laser hair removal can help you.


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