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We know that acne can be an emotional, frustrating and troubling condition. Our patients often come to our Los Angeles or Orange County clinics for laser acne treatment after failing treatment programs with over-the-counter products and prescription medications such as antibiotics and accutane.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for acne and what works for one person doesn't always work for another. But there is hope and the medical community is constantly developing new ways to treat acne. Although laser acne treatment is one of the newer methods, it is also one of the most promising. In our practice (where we survey all patients) we have found that 80% of them are happy with their results from our acne treatment Los Angeles and Orange County clinics. Our success rate is one of the highest of the many treatments available.

Traditional acne therapies, including oral and topical drugs, can have mixed results. Accutane for acne may have harmful side effects or you may become resistant to antibiotics. In contrast, Celibre's laser acne treatment uses laser technology and photodynamic therapy (PDT) to safely and effectively treat mild to moderate and inflammatory acne as well as cystic/nodular acne without the side effects of or resistance to medications.

When you come in for your free consultation, our knowledgeable, professional and courteous medical staff will be available to answer all your acne questions and will help you select the best acne treatment for you. Call now or come to one of our conveniently located medical clinics in Los Angeles or Orange County for a free consultation.


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