Acne Scar Treatment Cost

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The cost of laser acne scar treatments varies widely based on the type of treatment, the number of treatments, the lasers used and the experience of the practice. Laser acne scar treatments can range from a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars.

In addition to the cost of the laser acne scar treatments you may want to consider the following:

• The training and skill level of your practitioner. At Celibre, we use 4 different lasers and topical skincare programs to address acne scars. Most practices do not have the same number of options.

• The experience of your practitioner. We treat hundreds of new acne scar patients per year and have been offering the treatments since 2004.

• The downtime. At Celibre, we offer laser acne scar treatments with and without downtime.

• The results. Ask for before and after pictures of the practice’s patients to verify that they have the capability to deliver good results.


Types of Acne Scars

ice pick scars Ice Pick Scars

boxcar scars Boxcar Scars
rolling scars Rolling Scars

hypertophic keloid scars Hypertrophic or Keloid Scars


Laser Acne Scar Treatment Before and After Photos

Acne Scar Laser Removal

Visit our acne scar removal before and after picture gallery and
see the results that were achieved for other patients.


Contact Celibre today and get the best value and results from your treatment!


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