How does Celibre treat textured acne scars?

The term “textured” refers to acne scars that cause changes to the smoothness of the skin.  Textured acne scars include pitted scars, atrophic (raised scars), boxcar scars (scooped out box shaped), cliff edges, keloids, and shallow and rolling scars.  Pictures of these scars can be seen at  Regardless of which type of acne scarring a patient has, the condition causes much concern and can have a deep emotional impact on those who suffer from them.  Because technology has improved greatly over the last decade, there are now several safe and effective laser treatments for acne scars - both textured and pigmented acne scars.  However, not all treatments are appropriate for all forms of acne scarring or all skin types.

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At Celibre, several different lasers and treatment programs to address textured acne scars.  For those that present with mild to moderate textured acne scarring, we use a combination of non-ablative (no downtime) lasers.  These lasers are safe for all skin types with treatments lasting approximately thirty minutes.  These laser treatments stimulate new collagen (the building blocks of skin and tissue) development to help the skin fill in the scarred areas from below the surface.  This process is referred to as collagen remodeling.  In a sense, we are provoking the body to respond to the thermal injury caused by the laser by developing new skin tissue, which helps to heal and improve the scars.  It is the same process we use for those seeking facial rejuvenation for fine lines and wrinkles or skin laxity.  

For those patients that have significant, deeper scarring or are looking for more dramatic, quicker results, it may be more beneficial to consider laser skin resurfacing with ablative (associated with social downtime) lasers.  The concept with this technology is to remove the outermost layer of the skin (epidermis) while causing collagen stimulation from below in the dermis.  In this manner, the treatments treat the scarring from two different locations and levels within the skin.  This type of treatment is not appropriate for all skin types.

At Celibre, we are passionate about developing a safe and effective laser treatment plan for our acne and acne scar patients.  Our goal is to offer proven treatments that are appropriate for one’s budget and work or school schedule.  Above all, we believe in setting realistic goals and expectations and then to over-deliver on those expectations.

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